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Bellafonte is an idyllic retreat on the stunning Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire, where no building is higher than the church steeple. Bonaire is located in the south Caribbean, below the hurricane belt!  Book your vacation with greater confidence in warm weather and crystal clear water. Direct flights are available to Bonaire from Newark, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Toronto, and Amsterdam as well as other Caribbean islands. The closest Caribbean islands to Bonaire are Aruba and Curacao.

Our oceanfront hotel is located in the quiet residential neighborhood Belnem, within 5 minutes from the small international Bonaire Flamingo airport. A beach bar and restaurant are next doors and others are within walking distance.  Kralendijk, the island’s hub for business, restaurants, and shopping is just 7 minutes away. Bonaire’s famous salt pier and salt pans are a five-minute drive. The nearest public beaches – Bachelor’s Beach, Donkey Beach, and Te Amo are a few minutes walking – it might be faster to swim!

Bellafonte Bonaire

Our favorites

Within walking distance

Windsock The Beach 

Cozy beach area with bar, lounge, sunbeds, and terras for lunch and early dinner. Seaside located with a stunning view.

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Cactus Blue

Cactus Blue Bonaire is all about the juiciest Hamburgers & tastiest wraps. It is also the only lunch-address that has the Lion Fish burgers & Lion Fish wraps and a delicious homemade dessert called ‘Flamingo Droppings’.

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KiteCity Bonaire

Kite City is currently operating at Te Amo Beach, just across the airport. Where you can enjoy a sandy beach, crystalline waters and a lovely sunset. Let us take care of the rest. Adopt a pouf close to the truck, head to the beach and let us spoil you with tasty food, cold drinks and nice music.

Te Amo Beach, Kralendijk, Bonaire Dutch Caribbean 
Tel: +599 782 51 00

Te Amo Beach

Te Amo is a beautiful, white sandy public beach situated near Bonaire’s airport. Its location provides spectacular sights of arriving airplanes on this otherwise tranquil area. The sandy shoreline makes easy access to the water, which is filled with fish and corals and makes a great snorkeling site. Shade is provided by some of the trees on this piece of paradise, while the often present Kite City food truck takes care of some relaxing background music.

Bachelor’s beach

This sandy beach is at the base of a 10-foot cliff with stairs leading down to it. You can be in the water in seconds (it might be faster to swim from Bellafonte). It can’t get much easier to enter, just watch your step on the last rock/step! It is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Within 10 minutes driving

Brass Boer

Brass Boer offers a dining experience that will make your holiday even more unforgettable. The menu mixes local ingredients and global influences from refined A la carte dishes to yummy beach bites.

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Capriccio is Bonaire’s premier Italian Restaurant and located downtown on the waterfront. Come share Capriccio’s passion for fine food and great wine. Every meal at Capriccio is made-to-order.

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Sebastian’s restaurant is situated on a perfect location overlooking the ocean. This restaurant is absolutely unique and has a very special way to present the secrets of international food with a Mediterranean touch.

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Atlantis Beach

Atlantis Beach is home to the kite boarders and it is a lot of fun to observe the colorful kiters in action. Take a lesson or go for a long stroll and explore the seashore critters in the tidal pools along the rocky beach.

Lac Cai

Cai is a beautiful beach area hidden in the eastern part of Bonaire’s mangroves. Though the ride there might be a bumpy one, the view that awaits you is breathtaking. The clear blue waters and the green mangrove background provide an idyllic image of the beautiful nature that Bonaire has to offer. Water entrance is easy and the beach hosts shallow waters perfect for playing kids before plunging into a swimming area.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach gets its color from the crushed shells of millions of microscopic bright pink sea creatures called foraminifera. Pink Beach is an excellent beach to visit if you want to do some snorkeling or scuba diving. Although the strip of sand is relatively narrow, it is a great spot for relaxing picnics and the views are idyllic.


Stroll down Kaya Grandi, window shop, have a haircut, buy some perfume, or find that perfect t-shirt, postcard, or hat. Be awed by the creations offered by Bonaire’s unique jewelry shops. Enjoy an ice-cream or a delicious meal.

The shops in Kralendijk are generally open from 8.00am to 6.00pm and close for lunch from noon to 2.00pm. Check with individual shops for hours and offerings.

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